The Sarbrook Company, Inc.

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” 

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft Co.


Bill Gates understood that working with others only made what he wanted to do become better.  He understood that no one person or company has all the answers.  So he sought out and engaged partners to ensure the success of his undertaking.


Sarbrook is certainly no Microsoft Company, nor does it purport to be or even desire to be one.  But it does understand that by engaging others – partners – that its chances of success and capability to deliver the product or results that its customers are looking for will be greatly enhanced through the involvement of appropriate partners.


To that end Sarbrook is proud to have partnered with the following companies.

Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions (PTIS) is a recognized leader in management consulting across the global packaging value chain. It brings extensive product, process and packaging knowledge to the undertaking.

CAPE Systems is an international provider of supply chain management and product design lifecycle technologies. CAPE Systems offers a comprehensive range of software systems and tools for sustainable packaging & product design, pallet pattern and pallet cube optimization, and truck loading.

VACAVA Inc is a leader in contact center and work flow solutions. It is also an established provider of sophisticated business systems to reduce business process complexity.

Specifi, Inc. is a joint venture between the partner companies PTIS, Vacava and Sarbrook to develop a system to simplify how companies manage and collaborate on specification data, workflow and communications.   The result is Specifi, a new cost effective solution for management of product and material specifications.