The Sarbrook Company, Inc.
Recognizing a need for a data-centric approach to specification management system in the packaging industry, in 1990 Ross Mast left his position as partner and President of CAPE Systems to found The Sarbrook Company.  The vision was to develop and market a software system for management of packaging material specifications based on access to their data content using a database rather than the (then) traditional paper-based file approach used by most companies. 

Sarbrook’s first product was the DOS-based PC-SPECS™.  In the early 90’s as Microsoft Windows® started to become the predominant pc-based operating system, PC-SPECS was relpaced with a Windows-based product called WinSPEX™.  Over the remaining part of the decade WinSPEX became the dominant packaging specification software system used by consumer goods companies worldwide.  Working from Sarbrook’s offices in the US and London, UK, and agent affiliates in South Africa and Australia, over seventy-five major companies implemented the WinSPEX specification management software system. 

Customers using WinSPEX represented familiar names in a broad rage of industry segments:  Food & Beverage (McCormick & Co., Guiness Breweries, Tootsie Roll, J.M. Smucker, Allied Distillers),  Pharmaceutical (Janssen, Glaxo-Wellcome, Novartis Consumer Health) , Health & Beauty Care (Colgate-Palmolive, Mary Kay, Kimberly Clark, Cosmair Cosmetics, Calvin Klein Cosmetics), Chemicals & Homecare (Bayer Ag, Syngenta, Monsanto, Prestone Products) , as well as several in the discrete manufacturing arena (Delphi Automotive, Oneida Cutlery, Phillips Lighting, Lacks Industries).

In late 1999 the WinSPEX product was purchased by Mountain Systems (now GE Fanuc), and Sarbrook entered a transition period as its former owners and employees were maintained by Mountain Systems to continue the WinSPEX business.  Sarbrook, as a company, became dormant.

Then in late 2009 Mr. Mast re-energized Sarbrook as an active company, focusing on assisting companies in defining needs and developing strategies for better management of their product-related information.  Not just packaging, but all aspects of product information applicable to the entire product life cycle.

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